Inventory Management and Warehousing Program

Inventory Management and Warehousing Program - Warehouse | Iron Mountain

Inventory Management and Warehousing Program

Businesses of all sizes rely on our Inventory Management and Warehousing Program for their operational needs.

We store and manage inventory for a variety of industries including cosmetic, culinary, and retail clothing companies. We provide solutions to store retail furniture and props during seasonal changeover, conference room tables, desks, and chairs during office remodeling and relocations and hotel furniture to free up revenue generating hotel rooms.

This program is also a valuable service for consumers taking advantage of holiday and end of year sales and require a temporary storage option before they are ready for their shipment.

Every item is barcoded and scanned ensuring the highest level of safekeeping. An online account is generated which provides detailed information and images for easy recall. Assets are delivered with a phone call or online order with our Concierge Team.

Iron Mountain is pleased to support businesses of all sizes in New York and New Jersey.

Please contact us to learn more about our Specialty Storage Programs and to schedule a consultation.

Michael Ferrante
Business Development Manager
Specialty Storage Programs
(201) 290-0168

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